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​Case Studies 

Inverloch and District Preschool

Kylie Strickland 

Past President, Inverloch and District Preschool 

Kylie Strickland was the President of the Inverloch and Dis​trict Preschool at the time of the Preschool’s transition to Y Early Years Management.

Why did Inverloch and District Preschool consider Early Years Management?

The Inverloch and District Preschool was experiencing difficulties in filling its kinder committee positions each year, as these positions were seen as being too time consuming and business focused. Most parents did not want the responsibility of what seemed like a fulltime role. Kinder committees had a legal and staffing responsibility that was quite daunting to many parents.  

Feedback at the time suggested that pare​nt​s were interested in helping out, but not running our kindergarten and it was decided that we’d look at various Early Years Management options. Early Years Management was attractive because it removed the stress and business knowledge required of running a kindergarten, leaving committee members to focus on fundraising and social events.

Why did you choose Y Early Years Management?​

The Kinder Committee looked at a number of Early Years Management options. The Y Early Years Management was not the first that we looked at, but after reviewing several options we liked the Y for a number of reasons.

The main reason for choosing the Y Early Years was that we could see that our kinder was able to maintain its own identity and our kinder committee was able to maintain control over what was happening in our centre.  

Also, what was particularly attractive to our committee at the time was that the Y immediately took over the responsibility of running the business which meant that our parents no longer had accountability for staffing or ensuring the kinder met changing government regulations.  

What challenges did you face before joining the Early Years?

Our biggest challenge was filling committee positions each term. The regular change of committee members meant that knowledge and experience was lost each year and staff unfortunately felt that they had the task of continuously teaching new parents about the committee. 

How did you find the transition process?

The transition process was easy. There was a lot of support and guidance from the Y to ensure the transition phase was smooth for everyone involved. 

Becoming part of the Y Early Years before the AGM helped us recruit for committee positions early and far more easily than in previous years. 

Although I have not been on the committee since joining the Y Early Years, the feedback from those involved throughout the following year suggests that things were much easier for staff and committee members.  

Has the role of the President and committee members changed since joining the Early Years​?

The role of the Kinder Committee has moved from a management role to a fundraising role, which parents have been delighted to take on. Transitioning to the Y Early Years​ has meant that parents are now able to enjoy their time as a kinder parent. There is far less stress and friction between everyone involved including the committee, staff and parents.

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