Willaura Kindergarten

At Willaura Kindergarten we know that each child is strong, capable and a powerful learner. Our program is designed around this understanding and aims to nurture each child's innate intelligence and build upon their existing knowledge, culture and understandings. 

We provide a nurturing, warm and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to explore, inquire, investigate, discover, experiment and most of all develop a sense of belonging as they discover all they amazing things they are capable of. The emergent curriculum develops as children's interests, thoughts, ideas and feelings begin to emerge. Staff work with the children to provide them with the necessary tools and equipment for them to explore and bring to life their ideas and new concepts. The program is flexible and staff use intentional teaching strategies designed to extend children's thinking, question their understandings and further develop new concepts.

Relationships with our families are extremely important and parents are welcome and encouraged to become involved in our program. We value your knowledge and expertise as an integral part of our program. It is through you sharing your skills, understandings and knowledge we are able to build and develop a high quality program for your child and gain the best possible learning outcomes for each individual. 

During the year all observations are sent home to families and there is a space for you to comment and share information with us. These observations are then returned to the kindergarten and recorded into your child's portfolio. There is also an area on our plan for parents to add ideas, thoughts and or share something special that has happened at home. This is then incorporated into our curriculum through activities, discussions and observation.

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Facilities and Services

  • Inclusive indoor-outdoor environment
  • Natural playground space
  • Sandpit
  • Water tank and sustainable approach


2021 Enrolments
All families are required to enrol for places in both the 3 year old and 4 year old programs for 2021. Even if your child attended the 3 year old program you will need to complete the online enrolment form. This is due to the inclusion of the funded 3 year old progarm at our kindergarten.

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Enquiries: Please contact the YMCA Early Years Management team by email at yeym.enrolments@ymca.org.au or on (03) 4311 1500.


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Contact Details

91 Main Street
Willaura, VIC, 3379
Postal Address
91 Main Street
Willaura, VIC, 3379
(03) 4311 1589

4 Year Old Kindergarten

Group 1 (2021)

Session Times

Tuesday 8.45am - 1.45pm
Wednesday 8.45am - 1.45pm
Thursday 8.45am - 1.45pm
Fees: Contact us for more information.

3 Year Old Kindergarten

Group 1 (2021) with 4 year old program

Session Times

Tuesday 8.45am - 1.45pm
Wednesday 8.45am - 1.45pm
Fees: Contact us for more information.

Our staff are enthusiastic, committed and passionate about the education and care of children. Our recruitment process ensures that all staff are not only suitably qualified but aspire to the YMCA values of Honesty, Respect, Caring and Responsibility.  
We have an Educational Leader supported by a team comprised of Bachelor, Diploma and/or Certificate 3 Qualified Staff. We also have a team of Early Childhood Advisors who actively support the staff in our kindergartens.