Mulgrave Park Preschool

​Developing a passion for learning!

Mulgrave Park Preschool is dedicated to helping your child reach their full potential. We provide 3 and 4 year old Kindergarten programs, where we encourage children to be creative, inquisitive and imaginative in their learning.

The early years are a special time, where the foundations are laid for children to develop a sense of belonging and a love of learning. Our highly qualified educators ensure that each child is nurtured and cared for as they learn about themselves and their environment.

We welcome parent involvement and work in partnership with you to create the right learning environment your child.

Exceeding Standards
We are proud to say we achieved a ranking of Exceeding National Quality Standards, which is the highest rating available. This is a testament to the high standards our Educators achieve.

Facilities and Services

    At Mulgrave Park Preschool, we are very conscious of keeping our staff and children safe in the sun; therefore we are official participants in the SunSmart program.

    We practice sustainability through helping children and families gain skills in caring for our environment. We also teach and model reusing and recycling in our activities.

    We provide a multicultural curriculum and celebrate a variety of cultural events and holidays throughout the year. Our curriculum supports social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative learning.

    Excursions are a key part of our curriculum at Mulgrave Park Preschool. Venturing out into the local area allows children to explore, and feel a part of a community.


Enrolments for 3 and 4 year old Kindergarten are through the City of Monash Central Enrolment Scheme – see here.

Contact Details

68 Albany Dr
Mulgrave, VIC, 3170
Postal Address
68 Albany Dr
Mulgrave, VIC, 3170
(03) 9560 3495

3 Year Old Kindergarten

Wombat Group (2021)

Session Times

Thursday 8.30am - 1.30pm
Fees: Contact us for more information.

4 Year Old Kindergarten

Kangaroo Group (2021)

Session Times

Tuesdays 8.30am - 4.00pm
Wednesday 8.30am - 4.00pm
Fees: Contact us for more information.


​4 Year-Old Teacher (Kangaroo Group); Nominated Supervisor & Educational Leader
I really enjoy working at Mulgrave Park Preschool because it is such a beautiful multicultural community. I love teaching because the children bring so much joy, happiness, passion and enthusiasm to the kindergarten. I like to provide a nurturing, trusting and caring environment with a focus on celebrating and encouraging children's individualism, creativity and cultural diversity. 


​4-Year-Old Educator (Kangaroo Group)
I enjoy watching children thrive during their kindergarten years. I have been part of Mulgrave Park Preschool for over 20 years and during this time I have met so many wonderful families and am very attached to the Mulgrave community. Being part of Mulgrave Park Preschool is such a rewarding part of my life. 


​3 Year-Old Teacher (Wombat Group)
One of my favourite things about working with the 3 year old group is that I have the opportunity to partner with families to promote children's development and growth. I value being able to provide children aged 3, the best possible start to life through play, interactive learning and positive relationships. I am privileged to be able to enable each child to have their voice heard. What wonderful insights I hear each day! 


​4 Year-Old Educator (Kangaroo Group) &
3 Year-Old Educator (Wombat Group)
This is my third year at Mulgrave Park Preschool. I am fortunate enough to work with both age groups. I enjoy developing relationships with the children and families. 


​4 Year-Old Educator (Kangaroo Group)
I enjoy working with the 4 year old group at Mulgrave Park Preschool. Over my time at the Preschool, I have had the pleasure of seeing and being a part of so many children’s kindergarten experiences. To watch them learn and grow in so many ways, to gain confidence in themselves, form friendships and develop their personalities - it's why I love doing what I do.